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Attempting to find classy shirts for work.

lucideye Asked: No joke tho have you ever seen misfits?

Haha I see where you’re going with this.

Din with the fam bam

Chela made some friends on our walk.

Baby talk. maroon-bells

Only God can judge me.

Cloudy harvest morning

If all laws were suspended for a day, what would you do?

I can’t believe there’s still a bikini contest in the Miss America pageants. That’s what little girls have to look up to? Taught that winning is attributed to looking great in a swimsuit? How about a burpee contest, ya know, something that rewards strong, disciplined women. A spelling bee, chess contest-something that demonstrates intelligence. Instead of prancing around in fancy dresses, how about each contestant shares a photograph that they took or a painting. We all may have been brainwashed by Teen Vogue, bullshit MTV shows, and the idea that a woman’s worth is measured by her dress size but we can change all of these things for future generations of young ladies.