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zero fucks given

What the fuck is this room

I just took pre-workout for the first time in 3 months and feel like a physical manifestation of a Skrillex song.

Anonymous Asked: Can we be friends?

Of course:)

xzdp Asked: You're absolutely beautiful and your life is 100000 times better than mine and your spiders scare my but it's ok cause you're awesome

My life has ups and downs just like anyone else’s. It’s perception that defines your experience. And yeah, the spiders can be a little scary I just prefer to think of them as the hamsters of hell.

holding-my-head-underwater Asked: You, your artwork, and your dog are beautiful :) fellow Coloradoan here dropping a follow

Thank you so much, my pup is pretty awesome. See you around FoCo!

dialout Asked: I've never been to Colorado before but it looks awesome. One day. The adventuring possibilities here suck until you head north. Also you are really pretty. And your blog is rad. Cheers.

Colorado is the greatest. I’m going to South America for awhile next year but I’ll for sure move back to this state. It has everything-adventures, great beer, and genuine people.

Ran across an old photo album.

Being 21 was fun.

Anonymous Asked: You're one of my favorite blogs.

How sweet of you. Thank you for going out of your way to make my day better, so much love to you 💛